Ranked matchmaking for team game modes

I’m trying not to be whiny and mad as I’ve been having fun on this game the past 2 months and I get the coalition is trying.

IMO the ranked matchmaking is terrible in this game and needs to be fixed. I took a couple week break from TDM and KOTH as every match was just a 1vs4 and it was getting pretty frustrating. Last couple weeks I was able to get masters in FFA with only 1 loss and I’m close to masters in 2vs2 gnashers. Without having to worry about bad teammates I had a ton of fun.

I decided to give ranked KOTH another chance to see if anything would be different. I get put into an Onyx lobby and I was excited as I thought it would be a decent game compared to the silver and gold games I was getting a couple weeks ago. I get double everyone’s kills and caps on my team and lose the game. This is the same thing that happened every match before I took a break.

I say alright one more go see if it gets better. Put into a garbage lobby where my teammates literally did nothing the entire game and I lose again.

If you play 40+ ranked KOTH/TDM matches without finding 1 decent player on your team there’s something wrong with the matchmaking. The game can’t expect one player to carry a 1vs4 every game it makes no sense. I was looking forward to getting masters in all game modes but another match like that and I’m going to explode.


Agreed. I keep getting terrible teammates:


:joy: lmao

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Whole enemy team outslays them. Pathetic.

Seriously tho, solo queing is such a gamble. In part because rank is a very poor indicator of skill now.

True :joy:

At this point I wouldn’t even call it a gamble as I haven’t had a good one yet it’s just guaranteed a bad team lmao :joy:

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Btw your gt is awesome. One of the best i’ve seen.

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Thanks man I appreciate it! We still need to get some games in together I never see you on when I’m on!

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Yeah definitely man. I got a new monitor coming this weekend so I plan on getting some games in. I’m US eastern btw.

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Oh nice man congrats! I’m same time zone just Canadian so should be able to get some games!

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Even if you did get masters it’s just not satisfactory.

At this point , if you play just have fun with it or try to.

I personally stopped because this tuning lacks that spark of fun.

I remember being in a master battle when the tuning dropped out & me & my gf were both like, we want to quit/ uninstall/ & go to another game.

Mid battle as we were up a round.

She was the one who hated it most but I had to agree with her, it was beyond terrible.

We didn’t quit, just won , uninstalled & moved on.

Still play prior Gears of War games as we are fans of the franchise.

& ive stuck by the franchise for over a decade. I’m an 07 player so for me to finally say “enough” well… enough…

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add me and @TC_Clown

Never played with him but maybe some time we have a squad of 3 and the randy will be Bronze 1!

I’m Masters btw so I’m accepting Venmo or Zelle to help getting anyone to masters also :slightly_smiling_face:


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Whatever Cali’s charging I’ll undercut and drag you to masters for cheaper.


I’ll do you one better:

I’ll pay Lightz to let me help him get to masters

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It’s like I’m a double agent working for lightz to get the price cheaper.


OP I will carry you to anything below Diamond 2 for a quarter of the price Cali or Snubbs charge to carry to Masters.

Lmaooo :joy::joy: actually gold
I say we all play and coast to masters :ok_hand:

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Have you made it there yourself yet?

How insulting

It was a simple question!