Ranked Matchmaking for Asia

I am from Asia and cant find a single ranked match. Although I can find social match easily. Is ranked matchmaking dead in Europe too coz I should connect to Europe with 130-140 ping?

You gotta make one with other players in your region. You need 10 players total including you.

Then y game connects me solo to other region sometimes?

You will get permanently banned, including from Horde, for playing with other players in your region, at least that is why I believe I can’t play anymore.

No idea why they would put achievements in ranked, when the only way you can find a match is by searching at the same with other players.

To then prevent someone from playing the game they payed for ever again is incredibly harsh.

Matchmaking often connects me to Europe servers… lately i found some asia servers … so getting banned for this is no brainer and this definitely is not true.

I think this was for boosting for achievements in competitive play. There is no way for the game to determine you’re searching together unless something else triggers it such as obvious boosting.