Ranked matchmaking and player support

So I was ranked gold 3 last season, I played the ranked matches for KOTH and landed on bronze 1, that’s ok, the issue with this is that the players that I am encountering does not have the skill of a bronze, not even close, they must be higher than gold at least, doing some moves that are coming straight out of professional plays and not missing one shot at all, the connection after the update seems to be worse than ever, on my screen it seems that I am shooting straight at the body but not even one pellet hitting, that is complete BS.

Also, whenever you send a request for technical support it takes a queue of more than 20 days and you never get a resposne at all, that is just poor customer support, taking into consideration the price of the ultimate version of the game and the nothing that you get for paying that amount, you would at least expect a good customer support but not even close.

This is the death of the franchise for me.

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Because master/diamond players are getting put in bronze after the season reset and have to work their way back up

This is a bad way of doing things :neutral_face:

TC said all players will be put in bronze 1,2 or 3 which is odd as i was placed silver 1 after my placement matches


There’s something wrong with the shotgun right now, I’ve played with aim assist off and on and it doesn’t seem to make a difference, makes me wonder if the option even works. Point blanks either go through my opponent or they just eat it like my bullets were made of marshmallows. Only started doing this after Operation 2 dropped


@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o forgot to mention him that he should buy DDM " THE BIG MAC " man :smile:

OP this will also solve all your problems, purchasing Delivery Driver Mac literally turned my life around.

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Correct man… Thanks to Delivery Driver Mac I was able to gain a clear objective towards my life in my mid thirties… :smile:

Just made a thread about the exact same issue yesterday, and i was told that everyone starts bronze now … that’s so stupid …

When did TC say this?