Ranked Match is Completely Broken on Skilled Base Matchmaking

Ranked Match is Completely Broken 1. Not being matched into servers of your own skill level. 2. Escalation is completely Un-Playable as a Swarm to win Matches.

Fix your game Im tired of Getting jumped into Higher Tier Players owning me with in 1 shot. It’s Pissing Me off and I know a lot of other players are tired of dealing with Broken Skilled Base Match Making.

I think the reason why it’s finding me better players in Ranked Matches is because of my Skill Level in Quickplay mode that need’s to be fixed

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I see it often putting bronze/silver players on the same team as masters in an effort to balance against a stack of onyx players. When I queue, I get teammates who are genuinely playing gears for the first time. They walk around the map, not knowing how to even roadie run. They have no business being in the game.

At the end of a KOTH round, my friend and I have 40 elims, one of my teammates has at most 10 and the other two teammates have 0-4. The other team is all 15-20 elims across the board. It happens nearly every game.

The result of that is the top players being stressed out fighting a 2v5 or 3v5, and the noobs just getting beat up so bad that they can’t be having fun.

Perhaps a similar thing is happening to you. But yes, it needs to change.


yah see the issue with Ranked Games is if your playing as a Solo Player it’s not actually finding other Solo Players which is pissing me off.

It’s finding me parties which gives me a disadvantage even though I have experience with Recent Gears games .

This is by far my worst Experience getting matched with players who are experts at Wall Bouncing across the Map early into Ranked Matches. Plus I haven’t even qualified a Rank yet after losing 3 games in a row against High Tier Players who has more experiences then I do.

That’s why it needs Fixed Badly especially for Players that Play Solo they Need Solo Team Ranked Mode or have an Option for for Players who want’s to choose Solo or Solo ( Team) Which matches you up with Players at your Skill Level as well as finding you a Decent Team.

If you want to compare Rank Matches with another Game you can go With Halo and they do a really good job Matching you up with Players of Your Skill Level and it also matches you up on the Number of your Rank.

So think of this from Halo Rank’s 0-10 will be only matched with in that Rank of 0-10. If you have a friend that want’s to play and he’s a Higher Rank say between 11-20 and your in the 0-10 Rank It will take that 0-10 Rank friend and match you up with the 11-20 Ranked Players. Gears Ranking System is a little Different and a little broken because of the issue that Parties are able to invite Higher Tier players into non ranked Lobbies and Lower Ranked matches for that High Tier Player to gain Advantage.

This Needs to be Fixed badly no matter how it plays out.

I agree,

Since TC brought in “Strict Matchmaking” - I’ve seen this every single time.

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yup .

Ranked is just glorified quickplay with a shiny badge.

  1. It does not match you with and against people equal to your skill (Machine learning btw LMAO )
  2. it does not accommodate for groups and solos (literally every other competitive game does this)
  3. Quitters (Exact same issue since gears 4. what a disgrace)

So yea the game is not really worth playing right now, especially solo.

Hopping into custom FFA gnasher lobbys is the only saving grace of this abomination.