Ranked Match Bans for no reason

So my game has crashed multiple times and i go back in to play and each time it gives me the option to join my last match. I click join but it doesn’t let me and now i have a ban for up to 6 hours at this point. This is ridiculous. Its happened multiple times already and the ban time gradually gets worse.

Look to fix the crashes.

That’s your problem.

You are affecting others by this happening.

Its not my problem. My hardware is fine and I havent had issues with it before up until recently.

If you’re crashing, then it is your problem.

And if you do fix let The Coalition know what you did, they may pay you for solving the problem that’s plagued Gears 4 on PC for the last 1.5 years… lol :):slight_smile:

Either old drivers or AMD cards, or new RTX cards.

Problem solved :+1:

Solving the problem would be fixing whatever makes the game crash with the most widely used video cards on the market.

Downgrading to 1+ year old drivers or buying a different video card is a band aid… Yes there are ways of getting it to work, however it should be made to work without having to backdoor it, or spend $200 to $800 to get it working. :metal:

You should but it’s a 2 and half year old game that is no longer being supported.

So, your options are:

Partition, install gears and old drivers and just keep it separate from everything else.


Costs nothing.

Or upgrade your card which will only benefit you.

Solutions exist, you might not like them, but they are there.

im running a GTX 1080 with an I5 6600k processor and 16gb of ram. theres no hardware issue here and everythings up to date. thats why im so pissed off because this is unfair. i join the matches right away and afterwards the ban gets worse. now im up to two days banned.

I feel for ya man… I run two 1070 on an I7, with 32gb there is absolutely no reason why it should freeze up… I just removed it and play from my Xbox now… Not worth the hassle to me… Hopefully Gears 5 will be stable…

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TC has not fixed the crashing issue on PC and they never will

*Simplest Confirmed Fix For Crashing/ First Thing To Try

  1. Click on this file and download it to your computer. This prevents Windows 10 automatically updating your graphics card driver >> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303223999859654666/413067913675800578/Turn_OFF_install_driver_software_from_Windows_Update.reg