Ranked map rotation has to change

There is a big “issue” with the current map rotation.
I always get GOW4 maps in almost every game mode, there are a lot of them. People vote Reclaimed, Canals, Foundation and now Blood Drive EVERY TIME. I just wanted to play Reactor, Asylum, Exhibition, Allfathers Arena and others, I’m done with those old maps. I’m basically still playing Gears of War 4.

@TC_Sera Is there something you can do about it? This repetitiveness is killing me.


I mentioned the exact same in a post a few days ago

They should at least have one max out of the 3 be from Gears 4 or have them appear less often, like maybe a third of the time.

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If other players are voting to play in those maps, we cannot force the maps to change against the votes. Otherwise, I cannot do something about it personally, but I can pass along the feedback about the rotation.


Sorry, I didn’t see that.

We shouldn’t be often presented with all 3 map choices being from Gears 4 should we? Having played Gears 4 to death, I’m practically playing Gears 4 all over again in 5.

Also, no offence but it says a lot about how the community feels about at least half of the Gears 5 maps in that they aren’t as well liked and get frequently outvoted.

Absolutely, I’m not here to force anyone.
But maybe, if there were more Gears 5 maps in the rotation people would change their preferences, instead of remaining in the same spot for years.

Yeah sorry, I forgotten to write “You TC”, my bad.

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This is EXACTLY how I feel. To the T.

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You guys should just remove them from ranked since they aren’t “competitive.”

Yeah, that’s what TC is here for.

TC- Removing game modes you paid money for since 2016.

Yesterday I asked Dana if they’re going to change it, and he said “we’ve adjusted that”.
What did he mean?

Odd… Pre-OP4 I would constantly get All Father’s for KoTH, sometimes back to back to back. Post-OP4 I almost always get either “Reactor” or “Blood Drive” :roll_eyes:, I can’t remember the last time I played on any others.

On the map topic, I’ve been asking over and over in dev streams to no avail:

Is the addition of Versus/Horde map building still planned for Map Builder, and if so, is there any ETA on that?

Funny you mention it, I’m sick of playing G5 only maps in social with the occasional Reclaimed showing up. Everyday it’s always the same so it gets old real quick.

Ranked on the other side I never ever see G5 maps simply because everyone votes for G4 maps. Maybe you’re tired of old maps but I’d rather play good old maps than new “meh” maps. Reactor and All Fathers being the exception.

I’d rather play Asylum than Reclaimed, such an overrated map.

People vote for the maps they just added, unbelievable.

What is the data on Icebound & Pahanu? I think removing those from the rotation would be great. They’re both pretty negatively received maps.

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Bunker instead of Icebound.

It may say
“We are familiar with these maps and use that familiarity to kick your butt.”


U want less variety

I want less bad maps

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