Ranked Lag/Performance issues

Is it just me or is gears 5 so laggy that’s it’s almost unplayable in ranked? Quickplay feels way more smooth but ranked is super delayed, I’m getting stuck on everything trying to wall bounce or I end up just rolling everywhere and when I try to swing around to hit a reaction shot or something it just feels super stiff and nothing registers.

I honestly don’t understand how this game runs better on a console versus a high end PC. Does anyone have any recommendations to fix this? I even run with my graphics and everything else on Medium… I have noticed my GPU is at 99% pretty much the moment I start the game up.


The whole game is bad.

I gave up on pc.

In fact I’ve given up on pc gaming completely and got a series x.

Trust me, gears is so much better on Xbox Vs pc.

That’s really discouraging to hear but it makes sense considering the game is controller dominate and originates from console.

I have noticed my One X fan kicks in a lot more lately, even on the stats screen after a match.
Comp is a stuttering mess with lock ups for me now.