Ranked KOTH matchmaking

This is the first match I’ve played in MONTHS where I seem to have a ping higher than everyone else. I have a good ping most of the time, except for ranked. How is it fair to rank someone’s score when a player is clearly disadvantaged when compared to other players? It doesn’t make sense to me…

They messed something up for sure, pings are too low (like 2-9ms) and too high at the same time. I’d probably get a 100+ ping game 1 in like 25 or something like that (unless I’m on a social playlist, then it’s more frequent).

Game connects at like 50-70 ping but when I’m playing it’s been spiking up to 150 or so.

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Played a game on Vasgar yesterday. 9 players ping was around 25-40. 1 player was at 300+

The game ran awful, the player with the 300 was MVP. I checked their feed and they seemed to be Arabic.

Why are we in the same lobby.


Exactly!!! You would think you’d be grouped by similar ping speed right? I’m not the best player by any stretch… But it certainly doesn’t help when all you do is come dead last every match…

You are in the same lobby because he partied with people who are mostly in your region.

I was being rhetorical :wink: but cheers :+1:

I’m always serious :wink:

KOTH should just be removed.

Was it a one off match?

Pings are all dependent on server you’re playing on,

You can get an idea of where it’s placing you by looking at the Matchmaking menu to see pings.

No, I am consistently grouped being the highest ping in ranked KOTH. But if I’m playing a new Horde match for example, my ping is like 5-9. Not creating a custom game, just finding a new Horde match.

Previously on Gears games I thought we re grouped by regions? I used to play with a fair few peeps from New Zealand, now it seems I get grouped with peeps from Malaysia… I think… I don’t speak Malaysian…