Ranked Koth farm

Mostly playing alone as diamond. Frequently happening stacked enemy teams starting to farming my team aka not capturing the point and just killing killing teabagging my dear team mates. Not even talking about the biggest issue with ranked games my shots dont do ■■■■, feeling like shooting with pop corns. Pop corn vs sponge.

Is there any way to add a timer or give up option to end the match? It’s non sense to stay in the game while the opponent wipe the floor with us.

The game punish me if I quit from this match. Game punish me aswell if I stay in the match. Worst is when team mates quit and go netflix or other game. I’m against 1 vs 4 and still continuing this disgusting behavior.



Surprisingly I haven’t run into a match where people have farmed due to AFC, quitting, being a stacked etc.

But I have probably just jinxed myself.

I’ve run into a farming team on occasion when queueing solo koth. It definitely sucks when it happens and it seems like it’s more likely to happen if at least one person quits on the losing team.

I even had a game recently where we were just a little behind on the first round, and one dude on my team gave up halfway through the first round. But rather than quitting or going afk, he just sat behind cover near the spawn spamming the laugh emote and reloading his weapon over and over for the next round and a half… which then ensured we lost the round and then second round wasn’t much better.

The other team didn’t farm us by dragging out the match (not capping the hill),thankfully, but it seemed like they were staying together and focusing their fire to increase their overall eliminations for the match.


I only had that happen once. Not much you can do other than report or quit.

You can either try and get some kills on them so you can grab some points yourself, or you can annoy them by hiding somewhere so they can’t get any GP for killing you.

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Yeah its thanks to this absolute crapy rank system based on GPs,

This happened to me last night.

I don’t play a lot of ranked so I was bronze 3, playing with a Gold 2, Onyx 2 and Onyx 3. We were put against a 4 stack of masters all playing on PC’s - one of our Onyx players play PC and comtroller.

In the end we were getting massacred in spawn it was a real downer the opposite team had kills in the 60’s 70’s + each while my team kills were sub 15 kills I think I didn’t even get double digits.
At least we got a “gg” at the end.

Tbh it was probably easier then co-op versus for them because they didn’t get B.S. by bots.


Honestly I never been such a team where our team had advantage against the opposite team.

I wouldn’t even think about to farm them, because I know that what is being like at the opposite side.

But we are all different.

Bronze , Gold and Onyx vs. 4 Masters? Thats nuts. Should never happen.


Was dumb enough to actually hop on last night myself. My friend and I (I’m Onyx 1 and he’s Onyx 2 rn) played four matches, three of the four were full stacks of Diamond 2s, 3s, and a few Masters level players. The one match we didn’t face a full stack the opponents were all Diamond 3s except one random Onyx 1. This coupled with the players being all from Mexico with their terrible internet and the game not supporting region lock and allowing lag-advantage for those with crappy internet just make it impossible to play.

Side note; I experienced the issue of my gun not firing when I held down RT. I encountered this for the first time about two months ago but now it happens every two matches roughly and always with the Lancer while I’m hard-aiming.

I’m truly done with this game and 100% will not be buying a new Xbox or any future Gears titles. I’m just a fool holding onto 2006 nostalgia at this point.

this is due to the gp system. it is so easy to farm if you are a stacked

what does the “everyone gets one” ranking system do for us? nothing but match us up incorrectly. that is why farming can be so easily done

ranking is supposed to aide matchmaking not be some type of reward thing or whatever. primarily at least, it is to match people up

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I think if they just went to a damage system it would be more reflective of your real rank. The old rank system (OP3) was certainly harder to rank up but was too opaque. Often I thought I played at least decent to only lose a ton of points or a gain of 0. Other times I played poor but had little loss of points. So I think that was a source of frustration amongst a lot of players.

Perhaps if they used a damage system but had clear benchmarks of what you need to achieve each match in order to at least hit a break even point.

So I think the rankings in this system don’t mean what they used to. Prior to OP4 if you played with a high Diamond or Masters rank you KNEW they were going to be a really good player. Not the case now. I’m mediocre and am a Master on KOH as a solo.


They prefere to ruin good things ( movements) instead off fixing key issues like you said

yeah, that is what i would like - a straight up damage system

i rather go to damage than to go back to kills. damage>elims>kills

and i agree, the master rank mark, emblem, etc dont mean anything anymore

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