Ranked King of The Hill ?BS?

Ok, so im trying to understand if game devs feel amused by this or whatever, why is it that we need to work so hard to rank up, then we lose because at the beggining of the match some dude leaves and the rest of the team leaves after him, still we stay till the end and get a HUGE derank? that’s my only question, one of these days im quitting this game for good because im tired of this BS it’s not even funny, PLEASE A FIX FOR THIS!! DON’T DERANK PEOPLE WHEN THEIR TEAM MATES LEAVE, YOU KNOW BETTER THAN US PLAYERS YOU MADE THE GAME, MATHEMATICS COUNT A LOT IN KING OF THE HILL, IT SHOULD NOT COUNT AS A LOSS EVEN, FIX THIS, IT IS RIDICULOUS!


Yes, this is a legit problem and it has not been fixed even if they said it had been fixed lol.

It’s impossible to perform with dumb and dumber on your team. It still doesnt compensate for quitters. I lose as much as a rank and a half over this bs.

It is already a harsh system but this makes me worthless in my opinion. Why even care about it when it kinda does come down to luck…