Ranked Jail Time Sucks PLEASE FIX

So I was happily playing some ranked TDM when all of a sudden midway through the game my ping spikes and my character starts running in place. Of course I knew I lagged out. Once the game sent me back to the main menu I immediately tried to join back into the game but there was no way for me to do so. Instead I was met with some quick play jail time.

  1. Why am I being punished for lagging out ?
  2. Why is there no option for me to join back into the game to avoid jail time?
  3. Allow players to join into ranked matches with the game in progress and just prevent them from getting a loss or losing rank from joining mid game. Or find some other fix. The current set-up is garbage IMO.
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I agree it sucks when you have to do that through no fault of your own.

However, I have noticed the quitting issue in ranked DRAMATICALLY improve. I’m almost afraid of them messing with anything right now.

So far it’s only happened to me once or twice at least.


For me it seems to be the same as it’s been with quitters. I’ve had countless matches with 1-3 players either quitting or timing out. With no option for players to join back in. Completely unfair for everyone in the game. Is there no way for TC to know whether a player actually quits or if they lost connection? Knowing the difference between the two should decide whether or not a penalty is enforced on the player.

The majority of the time now in my matches, after a player quits, they will rejoin eventually. That hardly ever seemed to be the case before this “jail time” system was implemented.

I don’t know if they’re quitting on purpose and then realizing they have to go into social or rejoin the match or if they’re just lagging out like you.

I did have the option to rejoin the match when I was kicked and another time it did not give me the option at all.

So I agree there seems to be an issue there. Among the 4,743 other issues going on.

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Its unfortunate but I don’t think there is an accurate way to detect if someone quits or lags out. Even if there was, people could just yank out their ethernet cord or turn off their router, effectively lagging them out, in order to avoid the penalty. I don’t think there will ever be a perfect solution. I currently like the new system. Quitting has been reduced in my ranked games. But it is unfortunate for those that lag out but at least its not a ban from playing entirely as inconvenient as it may be.

The quitting issue does seem better but who knows how many quitters were actually kicked anymore.

There is a serious issue with the game kicking players right now

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I don’t play COD much anymore but back in the day I remember the game pausing and either connecting to a new host or ending the game for both sides. Maybe this would be a better solution rather than forcing a team that’s shorthanded to stick through the game for a few extra coins. It’s not fun being outnumbered in gears.

Its definitely not fun at all. And sometimes teams like to twist the knife to troll by farming or teabagging with impunity because of their number advantage. In TDM its not as bad, especially if the ejected player was just chewing lives anyway but in KOTH its a death knell.

The only problem I see with your solution is human nature. I could see teams having a burner account that would just quit/lag out in any games they were about to lose. Even if they seldom won games they could ratchet themselves to masters because they’d be inncoculated from losses.

The option to rejoin a lobby after being unfairly disconnected is entirely random in my experience. It’s also very delayed, which is especially fun in Ranked FFA where the match is almost finished by the time you rejoin.

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So how do people rejoin a ranked match anyway? I’ve always kind of wondered about it, and on the rare occasion I wanted/needed to I’ve never seen an option for it

Normally it pops up asking you to when you’ve returned to the main menu and then selected Versus.


Huh, I’ve never seen that before haha. Thanks

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