Ranked is weird

So like I go into a game and I’m like bronze 3 Cos I’m trash and we get destroyed instantly and the other team is all gold 3 and my team are level ones who are doing they’re placement matches I’m stuck in bronze 3 hell, help.

The ranking system is truly mind boggling… Only 30 more days until we have something different so there’s that :wink:


The Versus community is pretty small nowadays with GOW5 on the horizon, so being matched up with players who are of lower or high rank is more likely.


Yes, it looks like TV just uses individual players as plug-and-play tools, while it builds a team of some “average” rank/skill level. There doesn’t seem to be a requirement that individual ranks actually be close to each other in the team, and sometimes they will purposely throw a low ranked/skilled player onto a higher ranked team, to “dilute”/“lower” the team rank, to enable it to be matched against other teams…

It’s all stupid , I’m sorry to say, (oops, did I just violate community flag, and my post will be hidden because I criticized TC? Hmmm.). Hopefully gears 5 will be better…

Yeah, very few people playing gears 4 now… Just hang in there… Or just go into coop against AI to practice against bots, it’s not bad as a learning/training tool…

Throughout most of this games lifecycle I found the matchmaking to be generally fair and even. GENERALLY. Lately though it’s been bad. I spent most of this game between Onyx 3 and Gold 3, which says I’m “pretty good, does the right thing, will beat players who are not as skilled but probably isn’t equipped to fight the absolute top dogs 1v1.” In my matches lately I’m getting bronze and silver players who I completely destroy, but I’ve also had a few diamond players who are just head and shoulders above me. That’s not a good experience for anyone.

I THINK (but have no proof) this is because a lot of people returned to gow4 after the tech test, or just in preparation/excitement for Gears 5. This would explain the fact that so many people are still playing qualifiers, which I run into a lot as well.

In the same breath as I said there are more people playing, I’m also going to say there are fewer players overall at this point in the games life cycle than there used to be, meaning the matchmaking algorithms are prioritizing making matches quickly or making matching evenly.

Again, these are just thoughts. I don’t have a shred of evidence to suggest I know what I’m talking about. But it makes sense.

Plus the game is free with Gold for this month. There should actually be a lot of people playing. But only TC knows how many people are playing.

Ohhh, great, I’m sure all those new people just popping in for a look will get put off by the constant humping from the (geographical location censored) players, and won’t bother with G5…

I have found myself playing in pretty much the same lobby several games in a row the last few days. I play solo, and must have been with either small teams or mostly solo players. The system would shuffle us each game, but nearly the same players each lobby.

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