Ranked is still broken

I just played a ranked match and got MVP and I lost 1700 points. The worst part is I lost points in every round except the one I lost in. What’s the point of playing ranked if you get penalized for winning. Anyone else noticing this?

The tier system is completely broken right now. A lot of people are having the issue as you: losing an ABSURD amount of points in games where we shouldn’t be losing points.

Don’t worry, though, you’ll still have people telling you it’s because you’re getting more eliminations than kills and your SPM probably isn’t that high. Wanna know why? Because to so many people are completely blind to issues until they’ve encountered them.

The point of playing ranked is to play against people and not bots, at least for now. I haven’t had as much rank issues as others but it is absolutely not working correctly and if it is then it’s not a good system.