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Ranked is still a joke

to many level 1 players that walk around, leave or afk for xp . harsh punishments need to be added to stop this. if you leave you should be banned for a certain amount of time in versus. to many players who ruin other peoples time

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I agree their should be punishments for people who frequently quit ranked matches, but that being said, it’s just a video game and things can happen in the real world that would make somebody need to get off of Gears. If you’re running into quitters a lot on your team I would suggest using LFG (Looking For Group) on the Xbox to find people who are looking to play ranked together. That way you need not worry about randoms quitting halfway through a match.

Also why solo search in ranked anyways? That’s just a recipe for disaster. You don’t get to choose your teammates and if you don’t bother communicating with them, you’ll lose to the 5 stack that is partied up and communicating with eachother.

i understand that sometimes life gets in the way but most of the people quitting are rage quiting from dying to much or dont want to play the game anymore. i solo ranked because alot of the people i play games with dont like gears because of reasons like this. abig problem other than people quiting is new players playing ranked with no knowledge of the game.i probably will try the lfg but i should have the option to play solo if i want to get some games in if i have a hour or so to play.

You do have the option to play solo ranked though. But you also have to understand that if you solo queue, you run the risk of getting bad teammates. That’s just the nature of the beast. That’s not a Gears specific thing either. Solo searching in ranked is a bad idea for any game. I’d recommend just playing quickplay when you’re playing by yourself. It really just sounds like you want the system to hand you diamond ranked teammates every time.

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i dont want to have a op team i just want people who belong in my rank to be playing not having new players who dont know how to roadie run. many other games have a better solo q experience its do able to make it bearable at least not just over all bad