Ranked is just about luck

The match results depends 95% on how the matchmaking build the teams, and that’s just random because the system sucks. I usually get noobs in my team and get destroyed by a premade team of 3-4 players.
Gears 5 will never get a decent ranked system, TC keeps failing one after another try.


Played a game of control earlier with a buddy. Had go go against a 4 stack and our 2 randoms teammates weren’t together but for some reasom they were both AFK the entire game. Lol


The biggest question we’re get regarding competitive is around skill ratings, currently we have a bug that is affecting the searching of competitive matches and not providing the fairest matches, this is an issue we’re deep diving into currently and want to fix at some point next week.

Competitive itself continues to be powered by TrueSkill which is the system we use to decide your skill rating.

Trueskill is a baysien skill rating system that takes a set of inputs (the player’s matches), and based on that and the player’s that are in the given match (and their skills), determines what the outcome should be and modifies the player’s skill accordingly.

As previously mentioned the most frequent comment we’re seeing is regarding the matchmaking in competitive is in relation to not feeling like you’re against people of the same skill. The problem right now is that there’s a bug where we don’t seem to currently use it for matchmaking, we’re looking to resolve this as soon as next week.’’

Source: Operation 7 - Feedback

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