Ranked is impossible to enjoy in high elo

I’ve always thought that the matchmaking in Gears 5 has been terrible, even when the game first released. However, this new ranked update has absolutely destroyed how much fun I have in this game in any ranked playlist. I have been masters several operations in a row but I am hardstuck diamond 2 and probably will remain there for the remainder of the season. Below are some screenshots of games I have played recently, and even some from the day this was posted, and as you can clearly see I am the highest rank in every game on my team by a ■■■■■■■ long shot. I am so sick of having silvers and golds on my team when the enemy team is stacked with 1-2 masters and 3 diamond players. Someone at TC please explain to me how this is fair. How is a diamond 2 solo queue player supposed to win against a stack of masters and diamonds when I have ■■■■■■■ golds on my team that can’t win a gunfight. I consistently get over 60 eliminations and rack up the most points in the entire game but lose because this new ranked system punishes you for getting unlucky with teammates. ■■■■ is borderline unplayable, and I don’t see myself wasting much more time waiting for this to finally be addressed and fixed. A simple solution would be to find a 5 stack and that’s true I could do that, but I don’t see why I have to when I just enjoy solo queueing in every other game.
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/N6AvNGu


How it is.

Same complaint with tdm.

But since you can squad up in king I’d say to squad up.

Wish I had that opportunity in tdm.

Almost hit D3 today just by squadding up… & they were strangers… I never use my mic with strangers… can imagine squading with friends that have you have chemistry with

for some reason the change was made to only look at the top Rank of each team to determine a matchup. before, it looked at the average.

I’m not sure why this change was made. it was glossed over on stream and never mentioned again . at least Ryan game us a whiteboard, explanation and memes out of the old system.

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I understand your pain. One thing, though.

In just about all of those photos, your team is doing better than the other team, regardless of rank.

First picture

  • You & team were close on caps, but were dominating it kills.

Second picture

  • You & team were dominating in caps, and were close on kills.

Third picture

  • You & team were 2 caps off of tying their caps, but were dominated in kills.

Fourth picture

  • A bad game / bad matchmaking. Dominated in both.

So, it’s not their rank that matters. I believe they were near your skill level (they’re near your amount in nearly every picture), but couldn’t perform against the other team because of their play style, I assume.

Now, all that being said, it does suck to always be the one at the top, and everyone else not be able to carry their weight, and always seem to lose / get matched against full 5 stacks.

But you must agree that your teams’ weren’t that bad.

EDIT: Just realized now that in 2 of the pictures the other team was in the same boat as you. 1 diamond, and the rest, lower ranks.

I cant even stay in diamond. Stacked teams every game and i get team full of solo players where I am the only diamond. Vs 2 masters and 3 diamonds on 100 ping. This game is an absolute joke

I think it’s just because of the way they’re squaded up. Highest rank in the squad determines the opponents.

Anyways, they are changing some things in Op5 to offset situations like this for good players: If you’re the top player, you’ll get some extra points. If you win a round, you’ll get some points. If the match is very close but you lose, you’ll get some points.

well that’s at least a step in the right direction. makes me slightly less angry.