Ranked is even more broke now went from Onyx to Silver 3 with 6 wins in a row after update

like I love this game but fix the Ranking system! its not that hard…

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Can you post your stats on that mode?

Average eliminations K/d as leader isn’t Great because I’m usually Leader (and we lose because nobody kills the opposing leader) I’m at least Leader twice a game because I Bum rush the Leader and kill right away for the win.

Stats don’t mean anything for Rank I had a guy on my friends list that Was Masters in a mode top 3% in every stat went down to Onyx 3 after winning over and over again


see we play very similar it looks like and let me guess you were demoted as well or should be higher?
I"m sticking to one or two modes so I can get out of silver again after another long grind.
Lets just hope they don’t do this again until after season 1 is over

I’m in silver atm trying to get out …

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Same in 4 Games from Onyx to silver 2 my Hard Work wars for free thats BS

I had this same issue in Gears 4. I would win and win and win. Even getting MVP honors quite often and never finishing low and I would stick at Silver. My son would place below me, but we were winning, and went to Diamond.

Also I actually won 31-1 carrying a team of silver. Other team had 2 Diamond, 2 Onyx, and a Gold. I fell from Onyx, only time I have ever gotten there, to Gold 3. I was playing by myself solo with randoms. Other team apparently was a clan. Then my son jumps on and we win 4 more. I get MVP twice and a 3rd and 2nd. I played great and dropped to Gold 2. We beat Diamond level players.

I expected this here. I mean, the game has many issues that I have recorded, seen videos from others, and read topics around this and other forums about. Game just is not well made in the mp department. Not insulting anyone. Just needs a ton of polish and fixes.

I am seeing HUGE movement in SP recently, per game, +600, -500, last game +1600 …

Almost same here. From onyx 2 to silver 3 in 5 games despite the fact I lost points only in 2 games, Does ranking reset every month or what?

Same. TC obviously changed something about the way rank points work and haven’t told us.

Got dropped from Silver 3 to Silver 2 after a few wins…