Ranked is broken

Ok since people are going to complain about my last post so be it. Fix your ranked system. It’s sad how laggy this game has become. I was a diamond three at 96%. Lose a couple of matches and I’ve dropped to diamond 1 at 53%. Just because my fiends aren’t diamonds shouldn’t mean I get punished for playing with them if we lose. It’s almost saying go play with diamonds which isn’t right. Lag lag lag fest this game has become. Why ignore my last post. Is it because it’s the truth or the coalition doesn’t care about this game because gears 5 is coming. There is no way I should have lost my diesmond for losing some matches. I’ve won more then I’ve lost. Why can’t rank be like social matching. Way better servers. Hardly any lag. Why are players allowed to use modded controllers. See it on YouTube all the time.

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Thank you.