Ranked is broken again match penalties for match ending before everyone connects

Had one game where the matched booted me and a friend. Got suspended 10min. Also went down a whole tier when a squad member got kicked an had to back out … Rank system constantly matches you up with lower levels who arent even re uped once. when you are a high re up… It shouldn’t go by level . an if you shouldn’t be against 5 stacks if you arent a 5 stack… Point system is worse now and unrewarding… Also i shouldnt have people with over 100 ping in my game from europe or mexico i get that nobody is playing over there… But i shouldnt be punished for it…

There is a low ping filter option now. But the matchmaking is pretty bad. I hope tc is aware that most players aren’t able to vote on maps in ranked. Please fix.

I have that on but somehow i had a two people on my team from the uk talking so much trash… My ping is always 3-50 range when i get put in a match… But ill have people in the game with 80 -120

Please use the stickied thread :slight_smile:

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