Ranked is a joke

every ranked game i play i have someone who quits 2 mins in or the teams are super unbalanced. i am not saying i’m great at the game but ill have people on my team who walk around the map using lancer at close range. im also forced to leave games when people leave due to losing or whatever it is. punishment should be more severe to leavers and people who go afk should be kicked after being idle for a period of time. i try to play rank to improve not to fight 3v5s or play unbalanced games.

Yeah it’s really bad. Every single game I play, I’m at most in a 2-3 stack, and the other 2-3 teammates are genuinely brand new to the game. Like they walk around the map, not knowing how to roadie run. They end KOTH games with 0-5 elims while actually playing.

yeah i just finished a game had the same experience again! its just not fun