Ranked gun skins

Op 5 in Rank has now loadout set gun skins reward so still Little confused on how it works do konw you get them by end op 5 but right now just hit diamond right so question is if i deranked by end will i still get them guns skins in diamond? Beacuse planning Reaching master set but if the case is if i get deranked trying so am worried would lose diamond sets since hard to get too diamond i mean thanks to solo queue bonus helps but times i ran to clans and people playing together to rank up easy even derankers might say ran too ,just that question even if i get deranked but already hit diamond before
got deranked would still get diamond sets even if am onxy 3???

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Unless there was an unannounced change, you should receive the rewards for the highest rank you reach at any point, even if you go back down.

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Thanks just wanted to know since coalition makes changes each operation comes gets confusing but thanks