Ranked Gridiron becomes Social?

My friends and I searched for a Ranked Gridiron match. It kicked out 2 of them and gave one of them a 15 minute ban (@Visgoth). Instead of ending the match, it backfilled bots into the match and continued on 5v2 (+3 bots). At the end of the match, we got a continious match bonus but no credit towards our actual Gridiron rank. Yes, the voting screen was the ranked screen and we chose DAM.

The match counted as Social despite being a ranked match during searching.

Note: @Visgoth hadn’t quit out of any matches. We played quite a few matches before this incident and it randomly booted him after the map vote.

As you can see, no backfill.

Ur bots did good work tho, shout out to armored fahz👍



Lol, I love when they pull that.

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Getting sick and tired of those kind of players…

But let’s face it, they exist in nearly every online game…

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@Krylon_Blue i got kicked from a match tonight, and then hot a 15 minute ban. I did nothing. Weird thing is, I think Ive quit a game 1 time total. And it was after somebody else had quit. I dont know what I did to get a 15 minute penalty. Waited the 15, logged back in…got another one…very irratating.

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man really had the nerve to say ez after y’all demolished them with three bots on your team :joy: