Ranked graduation rewards

The graduation rewards are not being given out after achieving a new rank. The banner , mark , coins and coins have not been given to me yet. I have just hit diamond and did not get anything for onyx or diamond. It has been like this since yesterday.

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@ll_R_E_D_l wanna help this guy?


I thought he retired? He kept complaining everyone abusing THE SEARCH BAR.


ranked graduation reward

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Then how about you expand your search? Never limit your search to one topic unless it has hundreds of posts.

Clearly there is something wrong with the servers, there are several banner rewards posts and a few more with people that cannot buy iron.

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possible answer - i had read those , what i had noticed at the end of the match that put you into a new rank is that it showed the gears coin counter total 0n that page had increased. but when you went to the main menu the gears coin counter total on that page did not show the increase.

You get the mark and banner once you restart Gears. For the coins, no luck. I just put in a ticket to ask for the coins.

I have the same problem hit masters got nothing