Ranked GP not working properly

Hi, so I’ve been noticing that my GP in ranked matches is living its own life apparently.

Playing koth on onyx 2 and losing around 300 points leading to a drop to onyx 1 when I had around 44500 points?

Maybe I saw wrong I thought, so the next game we get stomped by a diamond 3 stack and I get 925 points in the match going back up to onyx 2 cause of performance points at 2425-1500= 925+

How can I get 925 +points when I lost and payed 1500 points for entry?
And how can I downrank in the first game when I’m not losing enough points?

See pictures…

Im sorry, but I don’t quite understand…

You answered your first question already as it seems.

That second question tho…if you lost 300 then you would be put at 44200, if the number is reliable from the initial 44500 that is, So after this victory you should’ve been slightly past 45000.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting things…or it could be the system is actually not working properly

Did you happen to lose an entry fee from a dissolved lobby that day?

Cause that could explain it.

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Didn’t know gp loss due to to lobbie dissolving was a thing.
This seems to explains why I dropped to onyx 1 and then came back to 2 the next game.

If I would quit playing after the first loss, would the system remember to give me back the entry gp the next time I play though?
Really weird.

Thanks though!

I have always gotten the GP back that was lost due to a dissolved pregame lobby.

Might take an hour or 2 before it appears. Even if you go offline.

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Ok, thank you for the help!