Ranked game mode Squad Sizes

KOTH (4 )
TDM (only 2)

I liked much more 5vs5 battles on Koth , there is great memories , Koth 4vs4 is not good but it was playable until this movement change .

But TDM only with 2 player stack C’mon , it was more fun when we were able to play it on full stack .

I think that TC Use this quote still : “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

So whats going on with these 4vs4 and half stacks


I’ve gotten used to 4v4 KOTH on ranked but it can be boring as hell on a lot of maps. It’s OK on nexus for example but dull on the likes of Bunker, training grounds, regency etc.

To me it’s simple, 5v5 no squad limit or minimum 4v4 no squad limit.

It’s like I can see TC putting Guardian into ranked but sadly ruining it by making it 4v4 (essentially 3v3 as the leaders sit back) so what should be a fantastic mode would be dull, same goes for gridiron and escalation if they ever return permanently they need to be 5v5.


Damn, 4v4 ranked Guardian? Sounds like an absolute dream after playing 5v1s and 3v2s for almost a year lol

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:rofl: know what you mean, such a game mode should be a staple in ranked man, insulting.

Agreed !
Both gamemodes deserve to be Ranked playlist .

who knows anymore. idiotic decisions like this have been happening for a while now