Ranked % freeze

I need help with my ranked sistem, almost all my gamelists are frozen

Make sure it’s showing your matches played, I have had this happen and it wasn’t counting my matches played, that or your rank is just not moving, that happens also lol.

Yes, the web site are counting my matches, but no matter how many mvp and victories against diamnd 4 and 5, my % still the same, I won 30 mathes yesterday and nothing… and this in all my game modes

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I’ve beaten teams 7-0 7-1 7-2 that are onyx and gold which was equal to or higher than my rank in escalation whilst solo quing no csr increase- lost to five stack of d4 and two onyx 3 with only placement and gold 2 on my team 7-2 with least time dead most downs and kills on my team drop entrie rank after winning 3 straight prior lmao.

I feel you bud used to be onyx 2 in escalation but solo q has kindly demoted me again and again through quitters csr freezing and grossly mis matching of ranks i.e given bronze kids against onyxs and that lol