Ranked FFA - Thoughts?

Decided to try out Ranked FFA today in order to get that versus medal where you need to get a win in each ranked game mode. I told myself, “Self, one win couldn’t be so difficult, right?”


Even at Bronze, ranked FFA is very challenging. I actually ended at the third spot twice, which I was pretty proud of myself for. My intention is to keep at it til I win, but wow… & where did all these esports players come from???


Yeah it’s hard iv got a couple of wins but you can’t breath for a second without someone killing you from behind and the amount of people that steal your downs and get the kill is annoying,


The SBMM is non-existent in that game mode. I feel like im playing against 13 Onyx ranks as a bronze. And who at TC thought it was a good idea to not count a top 3 as a win for that challenge you mentioned? I spent the last three days playing FFA hoping to get a win. I got more top 3’s than i thought i would, but no, I have to WIN a game in order for it to count toward the challenge. Honestly, in my opinion, they should just take out FFA from ranked and bring back Escalation.


Lol… It’s like being in a scary movie. Every time you turn around there’s someone there trying to kill you :tired_face:

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You’ll get there. Keep at it. It will be alot sooner than you think.

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I can’t get into ffa because of the maps. There’s only 3 of them and they are all extremely similar looking and play similarly. I mean how can TC not expect us to get bored with a 3 map rotation it’s bewildering


The maps look like there made by power point

The issue is it takes a long time to find an FFA match and it also takes a long time to progress through this new ranking system so you get a lot of high level players down in Bronze/Silver for a long time.

At least half the players in the lobby will be sweaty players that were previously Master ranked in the old system.

Personally i like the more try hard lobbies, took me 2 games to get a win and i don’t think i’ve come lower than 4th in any of my matches. Maybe i’m sadistic but i like the sweaty players, makes me feel better when i beat them.

I just wish more people played it, the fact that it’s not on normal maps is a huge turn off for people. Escape tiles are recycled and boring, i really dislike how TC went down the tile path and think it shows a lack of effort and care.

The player count needs to be reduced to 10 from 14 also to make it quicker to find games as less players would be required to start, speeding up matchmaking times.

Also remove the Quickplay playlist for FFA and make it only available for Ranked. We don’t need 2 playlists for the exact same mode and it would funnel everyone into Ranked boosting the population.

I want FFA to be great but with the delays to introducing it into ranked and the poor decision to use tiles as maps and bumping the players required up to start a match it’s really not done well in Ranked as a result. :man_shrugging:


TC might want to take a look at their own community when it comes to FFA…
I can load into a private ffa game at virtually any time of day within a minute, and every single lobby is either Foundation or Allfathers. No one uses the actually FFA maps lol

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I just wish they added another tile map with the move to ranked. I can make a semi decent one overnight. It literally can’t be that hard.


exactly, I thought that was the point of TILE MAPS was to be abe to mass produce maps. We have the barracks tiles that haven’t been used yet, give us 2 maps in that style

I think they had a good idea, just the style and lack of variety in art themes had made them stale. If we had some Azura ish rooms with tropical plants. And some dessert ones, i don’t know how difficult it is to make tiles, but even if they just re dressed the current ones, adding foliage or different swarm stuff.

I’ve gone to college for game art and know making assets takes time but I could re dress a sing tile in probably a week or 2, you get people more talented than myself, and a small team of them could knock out a re dress pretty quick id think