Ranked FFA Left Behind | High Pingers All Over

Oh give it time. I am sure we can change this.

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Tbh @X_Simian_X is right. 67 is not much of a problem for anyone in the lobby. It’s more in the high 100s that it becomes a real issue.


haha well as long as I don’t get banned… for the 4th time… in a row… for doing nothing

P.S Idoes anyone in his/her knowledge know how to post a video clip from PC Xbox companion? I do not have a youtube channel to get a link from

:-1:TC has DEFINITELY need to address the PING ISSUE in at least the RANKED part of this game, It is not enticing to play Ranked which bad ping connections, it makes the gameplay sloppy & unbearable to play…lol

I’m still trying to figure out why my ping and seemingly most everyone else’s runs higher in FFA. Plus the lag issue that seems to be present in my FFA’s frequently. I haven’t heard a theory as to why. Another Gears mystery! Anyone have any ideas , feel free to take a crack at it.

That sounds really odd. Can’t say I’ve noticed, but then again I don’t play FFA that much.

If the theory, as this seems to be a general one, where it says that if there are high pings in the lobby, means that those players are on the ‘‘wrong’’ server but cannot help to think at this: Why in Koth, on 8 players, only 1 or 2 have some high ping whether on FFA there are 6-7?.

My theory is that there is a higher number of people playing on koth that allows the lobby to be filled with the players from the same server however on FFA seems that there is a very low player base that needs a desperate attempt to fill these lobbies, so they gather people regardless of the ping. But I do not understand how the ping thing works (damage, lag, etc.) as it should the same for every mode but it seems different for each and any of them

I’ve always had high ping FFA no matter what time I play. I just assumed not many people from the UK play it.

Why in Koth, on 8 players, only 1 or 2 have some high ping whether on FFA there are 6-7?.

EXACTLY my question. It’s nice I’m not the only one that noticed this.

Good theory about low player base. Though I still don’t get the technical aspects it seems plausible. The FFA lobby timer always shows 5 minutes for me , whereas KOH it’s 1 or 2 minutes. Are all the people playing FFA from areas with bad internet or something?

another good point. I’ve heard many people on these very forums who use an ethernet cable and it doesn’t seem to matter.

Im calling it. This high ping stuff is rediculos. Im sorry but the game is unplayable when you are over 100. Multiple matches and some of them with low ping and some of them with over 100 in ping (west US servers). In the low ping games it was smoothish but it played well. In the 100 ping games it was absolutley unplayable and there was no way I was sponging shots in any form. I was gibbed or downed simple as. A few times the game just stopped for a seconds and when it came back I was dead lol.

Honestly the game is already bad enough with the constant lag but this is something else completely. Its horrible and if someone can play the game in that condition well then they are a better player than I am lol.

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I get below 4 ping and everyone else is over 100 every game I play and I suffer for it.

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I feel literally the same… I don’t know if it is me, my PC, my connection, or the game itself… what I DO know for sure is the abnormous inconsistency of this game to maintain a ‘‘fair play’’ for all the players as the pin sometimes can be a god-like power and sometimes ( when it’s on me) it’s just awful to play and I see myself being kicked all over with strange and arguable mechanics…

P.S I wish to post some clips, but nor Twitter nor Xbox companion seems to be able to upload them…

Use your phone.

Ah that is probably what I was doing wrong as well.

I was using my phone instead of his.


In my experience high ping means absolutley nothing. Well other than you are going to die alot with lag like that lol. From what I have seen with this game it just decides to work or it doesn’t. Ive hit players both high and low and still nothing. I hear the gnasher firing and see the bullets leave the gun but still somehow the other player shot before me. I fire first, get a half spread, my opponent fires next and misses and then before I can fire my second shot they somehow get a shot off before me even though I pulled the trigger right after said first shot after there first shot.

The game is just inconsistent with complete BS shots and half shots. Everyone benfits from this and every is disadvantaged by it.

As for your post about videos I am not sure how to do it outside of using youtube.

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I agree with evry single word in your comment, as it reflects exactly what is happening to me as well wheater is FFA or KOTH… I will try to upload some videos and use my phone as @TC_Clown suggested as I have few clips that I can’t understand.


Ok this is the most recent clip I got but I got more others to show:

So important thing to say: the guy that killed me had 160 ping, now look carefully how my head was before the actual beam and also, my doubts… how can he even anticipate me while he was on higher ping? does the high ping mean a delay in the connection or not? if so this means, for him, I should have been far back and not exposing my head to him…

Can someone explain this? that happen in KOTH @TC_Sera@ @TC_Kilo1062


EDIT 2 that is the frame incriminated:

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