Ranked FFA Left Behind | High Pingers All Over

You forgot the part where it’s ur face

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High pings are annoying, but I just usually try and power through it lol

so just went into an FFA match because im medal hunting and I had a ping of 190? Different server is the only reason I can think of and most likely it was the west us server. Me and the west US never got along when it came to internet lol. Any way it was nothing but stop and go. Impossible to play. Seriously id love to know how I can get that to work for me lol.

Lower ping or faster MM-setting?

Lower ping. But really would love to know how any one can take advantage of a high ping like that. It was unbearable.

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You probably get used to it if your ping is constantly that high. And as mentioned countless times, the game gives you magic bull-■■■■ powers at high ping.

I agree though, it is unbearable to play with high ping.

Ill never get used to it then lol. From what I was seeing I was at least 2 seconds behind the other players. It was an absolute miracle I managed to kill one player lol.

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How are the context clues not enough for you realize the situation? He’s obviously Italian, read his screenshots. He’s on one of the EU servers, and being matched with people from America/Mexico. Notice how in his screenshots most people have a similar ping? That’s because they’re from a similar area,

67 ping is completely fine, completely normal — you’re not getting cheated by a player on 67 ping, nor will they be teleporting or anything else of that nature. Most people in every match I play have this kind of ping, this is the game everyone plays.

This player isn’t part of any problem, to the contrary, your post is part of the problem — people voice legitimate grievances only for some bot to come back at them with a nonsensical reply that contributes nothing and on top of that has to be called out because otherwise people will believe you.


People are gaslighting you my dude with this high ping is better myth — high ping, ie, 150-200 is somewhat playable, kind of — but you’re going to get cheated left and right. You’ll die to people who you never got to see shoot, you’ll get up-a’d by people who haven’t even hit the wall, you’ll die to people who are still roadie running literally every time and aiming will be harder because even though there’s CSHD, it still lags a tiny bit. What you have to do in this scenario is, paradoxically, play more aggressive — if you try to hold your shots, sit back etc it won’t work.

Everything I said here applies to average ping (70-100) except toned way down — like on 70 you can still power shot, let people slide into you etc.

On good ping, which is 20-40 — the game is infinitely easier in pretty much every way. You can see people coming out of runs most of the time, you can kill people sliding into walls and corners most of the time, you can power shot effectively, you can aim better — infinitely easier.


Well From what I can see I was at a major disadvantage in these games. By the time it got around to firing my weapon it was already too late lol. Most times I didn’t even see the kill or the gnasher wasn’t even pointed at me. I am no master player at this game but I honestly can’t see how I am supposed to play with a ping like that and some how come out on top lol. It was more frustrating and unbearable than anything else.

now that I have got those medals out of the way its back quickplays for me lol.

Imagine messing with your Internet just to get an advantage over other players. What satisfaction do people get out of a cheap win like that? Not exactly on the same level of cheating but its kind of sad.

No one does it.

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I hope not. It honestly sounds like a meme. Heard this discussion brought up during Gears 4 days so wasn’t sure how true it was.

I remember someone on the forums claiming that people were actively altering their internet so they could basically cheat at vs. The user claimed to have irrefutable evidence that this was happening and that it was PC players doing it. When it came time to show the evidence the user constantly made excuses and eventually stopped replying. Now that was a fun thread lol.

I wonder what happened to him or her? Used to post about problems they brought on themselves and claim it was all TCs fault lol.

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I don’t want to start an augment and am definitely not wanting to have a pissing contest about skill levels, but as I live in Australia and love playing ranked I figure I could offer some insight.

From my experience I can definitely say that the high-ping experience is not some ‘god mode’ that others claim it to be, and that having a lower ping definitely feels a lot better by comparison,

With high ping:

-You have to constantly be prepared to fire before you’re supposed to.

-A lot of the time you die without seeing your opponent firing their weapon, or you suddenly go DBNO

-When it’s really bad you have to predict where your opponent will be and hope to cog your shot landed a 100%.

If you see a high-ping player that’s doing well it’s because they’re dedicated to the game and have pushed through the crappy net code issues and are thinking ahead at all times and not just reacting.

Occasionally I’ll be blessed with an Oceanic server spooling up and I’ll get a low ping (usually around 1-5 ping) and it’s shocking to have the game be so smooth and register exactly what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Those are the games where I can usually relax and react.

Obviously everyone’s experience and feelings are going to be different but this is how it seems to me.

Edit: I should add that player’s with high-ping AND have unstable connections (packet loss) are a massive problem and are an issue for everyone to deal with

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If it looks like a meme, smells like a meme, then it’s probably actually a real thing that real people do.

the first thing: thank you all for participating so actively and in an educated manner in this topic

Secondly, I still can’t understand how different modes (Koth, tdm, FFA) are so differently affected by the same problem (lag/high ping) and want to stress one more time, all this is in my experience by playing and not talking on behalf of no one.

This being said, my point is: is High ping synonymous with lagging? and by lagging I mean being teleported in any direction in-game and being kicked by strange moves from other opponents? If yes, I experience this (while I’m on fix 130 pings/wrong server or actual connection lag) in KOTH, TDM,2v2, Custom, Horde, quick play, Escape.

While on FFA, at 40-60 ping, I do not see any icon on the right bottom corner which means I play at stable connection, and people on 180 pings, should play with a delay compared to lower ping players (true in the modes mentioned above), ergo they should point to another direction while shooting or feel ‘‘disoriented which could lead them to miss and point-blank, but in the FFA this is not happening and am pretty sure that works kind of the opposite way. as they ALWAYS anticipating moves ( could also be true, and I quote @Apollo_BS75 ‘’ If you see a high-ping player that’s doing well it’s because they’re dedicated to the game and have pushed through the crappy net code issues and are thinking ahead at all times and not just reacting’’)

But this does not explain why at 180 pings the bullet sponge effect is so amplified, why at 180 they play normally as they where at 30 and me as I play at 100.

I agree. 67 ping for FFA isn’t so bad. For whatever reason I notice that Pings always are way higher in FFA and the lag is horrible. Pretty much made me quite playing FFA.


67 ping for FFA is not bad at all. He’s not the problem.

It’s something with FFA itself. I don’t know why but my ping is always WAY up in FFA. When I play any other mode my point is usually 40 or lower with the occasional spike. Same with lag. I never get bad lag on KOH. But I get it every other match to seems in FFA. Something weird with FFA.

Maybe for yourself, for others it is. But why care about the experience of others, am I right?