Ranked FFA Left Behind | High Pingers All Over

it has been a while since I’ve asked TC to do something in regards to fixing the FFA matchmaking/ping issue and hoped with Op6 could have been a turn in this but unfortunately still the same s h i t over and over again.

I took some screenshots from the FFA pre-match (pre and post Op6) and as you can see, no matter the time, no matter the matchmaking settings, I always end up with that kind of lobby. High ping is what makes this game falling even lower, not mentioning all the crap that TC did with the ‘‘new tuning’’ but now is way too much.

FFA is my fav mode to play at, as I do not have to team up with bot walking and so if I lose, I lose because of me but now even FFA became hard to play for this high ping and do not understand why while I got a noticeable lower ping by over a 1/3 and I got a delay and no dmg reaction so the other players can sponge the entire match and go for the win, I always end up being kicked in 1 shot and I see myself doing a 98% in 1-2-3 shots not even downing them!!

then another thing to add. In this mode can we please get the spawn time for PW a bit higher? I see people waiting drooling around those weapons for the entire match.


Ok this is the most recent clip I got but I got more others to show:

So important thing to say: the guy that killed me had 160 ping, now look carefully at how my head was before the actual beam and also, my doubts… how can he even anticipate me while he was on higher ping? does the high ping mean a delay in the connection or not? if so this means, for him, I should have been far back and not exposing my head to him…

Can someone explain this? that happen in KOTH @TC_Sera@ @TC_Kilo1062


EDIT 2 that is the frame incriminated:


Your ping is ~67. You don’t get to complain about high pings when you’re part of the problem.

Part of the problem? is it the same with the 1 ping players? lmao

Have you played with a ping of 1-2 before? I do most of the time, and I can assure you it’s not fun.

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Gears where having good Internet is a disadvantage. Honestly since OP6 nearly everyone I play against has an obscene ping. The worse mine ever is , is 18.


High ping “advantage” is #FakeNews . It’s nausea-inducing to play on anything above 100 ping.


Mark actually speaks the truth…

OP, you can actually achieve a godlike ping yourself. Connect to hotspot, wrap your phone in tinfoil, and then chuck it out your window.

Yeah didn’t think so.


You’re joking, but we already had peopel admitting that this is exactly what they do. I really should start bookmarking threads like that.

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before Op4 my ping was at 30, after that there was an increase in my ping, but this High ping in FFA is something different… usually, when I lag, it goes up to 160 for a fraction and I see actually the lag when on horde, PvE, custom, Koth, etc…, one time I moving forward and it spawns me the other way… but when it comes to FFA it seems that the lower the ping the worse… I mean people on fixed 160-180 seems to play smooth and anticipating others… it is so weird

How anyone can play this game when they are over 100 is beyond me lol. I recently went into Guardian to medal hunt, my ping went over 100 and that was it as far as I am concerned. Completely unplayable in that condition.

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That is the fact, in FFA is completely different, you can actually play smoothly with that kind of ping, in other modes, is kind of a problem

Surely the games fault since you wouldn’t play on wifi, correct?

Tried on both, ethernet cable and wifi and same thing no much of differnce … to be honest, I played on cloud it went down to 18… but I repeat on FFAis a different story

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you and I are having different experiences. I am using Guardian because its the most recent mode I was but 100 in any mode, for me anyway, is unplayable.

Sure is like you say… one question… when you are on 100 do you see the internet icon or the other on the down right corner of your screen?

I see that anyway. Never had a mode where it didn’t show up no matter what ping I had.

perfect, that means you are actually lagging… but when I played on FFA myself on higher ping… ending up on another server… well on fixed 130 there was no sign of that icons… meaaning I was not actually lagging nor having internet connection or packet loss… so as I said this happens only, in my experience, in FFA

Right but there is no sign of lag. No stutter in gameplay or delayed or teleporting.

so I guess no matter the connection, is just the game itself at this point

Personally speaking I think the pings are a bit misleading.

I just don’t think this game plays well over a large distance plus its a live service game and honestly they have to be worst games for internet connection.