Ranked Entry Points!

Can we please change the match Entry in Gears 5 Ranked. Can we just have a flat Entry fee of 1000 for all ranks. 1700 for Diamond is way too high. Should be a flat fee of 500 or 1000 for all ranks

I think many people would argue the entry fees are too low. Also, what would be the point of having tiers if the entry fees were all the same? Kind of defeats the purpose.

It’s rather easy to hit Masters tier with this rank system, so I have a hard time imagining they’d make it even easier. I spoke with a player on the forums who hit Masters in 6-8 hours on KOH. That seems to be the majority sentiment I’ve seen here on the forum.

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No thanks.

If the buyin was a flat 500 or 1000, then every single person who plays ranked can reach masters with ease. Doesn’t sound like a satisfying tier system to me

@X_Simian_X I was able to hit Masters in 2v2 in probably 4 - 5 hours total lol. Only lost 4 matches which were in Onyx 3 and Diamond, but got enough GP in those I still finished with + points.

Point is, this ranking system is kind of joke even with current buyins being 1700 for diamond. Anything lower and TC might aswell just scrap the whole system


So basically you want it really easy? :rofl:

Masters should be absolutely rock hard to get to imo, very very select few should be able to make it. Only need a decent squad and it’s a doddle. Even diamond is very easy solo even on a losing team, finish top and get the solo bonus you’re flying up.

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4-5 hours. Jeez! That sounds way too easy.

I think it was GuiltyCrises who was telling me that on the old rank system it took him 6-8 weeks with a full squad to hit Masters on KOH. And I heard that at any given time there were only a few dozen players who actually reached Masters in the old system.

If anything they should raise the fee for Diamond to 1900. And then Masters to 2100 maybe? I don’t think it would make a ton of difference though in this current system, and I don’t see TC scrapping it at this stage.

Just make everyone an “Honorary Master”. Everyone wins. :rofl: :rofl:

If you’re having a tough time reaching diamond in this ranking system then you have no business being diamond. Let alone master. Whether you’re solo or not.

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Ranked system needs a few tweaks, that is true but lower the entry fee? heck no!! the amount of masters you see that are unable to wipe their own butts is absurd.


Tbh this is the easiest operation for solos…
Like you said its easy already…
every other operation i was solo an there was stacks in tdm so it was alot harder in the old rank system

i would lose points even if i won the match in diamond 3 … Being Favored seemed to be alot more punishing


If you like the 1700 price you gonna love the 1900 cost if you get there.

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