Ranked Dodgeball?

Can you guys PLEASE add Ranked Dodgeball??? This is my favorite gametype from Gears 4. Our crew of people love to play this too. It shouldn’t be hard to add.


Did dodgeball have a ranked playlist in G4? I don’t play much of it but I enjoy it a lot more than the popular tdm.

Dodgeball is a great mode, I love how crazy it can get.

I’ve hit up Coalition several times regarding Dodgeball, still nothing. I agree, it does get crazy, I remember winning games were we’re down 1v5 and came all the way back to win, its fast and intense. Crossing my fingers it gets added in a future update.

lol AL

on topic yes that’s the mode the crew played in 4, even over TDM. TC has said they wanted to keep the playlist shorter in this game and that’s why it was removed.

Keep asking them here and on twitter

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  • @GearsofWar
  • @ CoalitionGears
  • @ nodezero

i hope to see this mode back