Ranked & Core Modes

Hi -

I was trying to get back into Gears of War 4 and was hoping someone might be able to clarify how the servers are working and match making.

Social Match I can get games no problem but if I do anything with Core Modes or Ranked Matches it seems to never get a matched game - it keeps cycling through looking for other players. I’m wondering if being Level 66 has anything to do with the matchmaking itself and if it’s because most ranked are 99 that I may not be getting matched at all. Or is it just region related? Or is the ranked community really just completely dead.

Thanks for your time.


Asia / Australia server is dead, same as South America Brazil. Europe remains stable on popular modes during peak time and the US-Mexico is always populated.

If you’re on PC anywhere but the US it’s going to take a while (20+ minutes) to find a match.

It has nothing to do with your level.

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