Ranked Connections

From my time playing ranked and social matchmaking ive noticed that the ping in ranked is almost always higher than that in social usually double.

Whenever i play social im sitting around 30 or less ping but when i play ranked im getting like 60 or more does anyone know why the ranked connections are so much more poor than social?

if you ask me ranked should have less ping than social since its a more competitive environment and connection has a much more significant role compared to social.

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My ping doesn’t change between Ranked and Social.

On EU West it will be around 5-15ms and EU East it will be around 20-25ms.

Not sure why you would see a diffrence as they run off the same servers.

The only thing I can think of is that ranked is dead in your region (would take too long to find a game), so it puts you in a game that’s on some other region’s servers.

For this and several other reasons, I miss when you could choose the region you’re searching on.


I’m against opening up regions as it created lag but then I remember the Mexico players ruin it anyways so why not? It can’t be much worse can it?

Yeah like everyone still complains out the wazoo about ping, so what did region locking fix?

It seems to me like all region locking did was make it either impossible or take an extremely long time for some people to get ranked games.

My EU friend plays with us and has 60 ping on NA-East. But if he were to play alone, it would take him much longer to find games than it would if he could pick the specific region.

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Ok this is bothering me a bit,
75% of the posts talks about laggers and how much spongy they are xD

Yeah, same here. High pings ruin matches and I’d rather ping at 60ms than 30ms. It’s weird to say this knowing logically that makes no sense but this is Gears after all.

If there were players ready in your area, you woukd all be in a game with your low pings.

There aren’t enough players there, so the system matches you with available players further out. Sometimes they are connected to your server (so you ping is lower than theirs), sometimes you get connected to their servers, so your ping increaes.

This is a very simple concept: if there were local players available, of suitable rank, wanting to play the same playlist as you, at the same time as you, you would get matched with them.

If you are being matched with further away players that means there are no closer players available at that moment.


Depending on which NA server I end up at my ping is between 25ms and 80ms. Personally I don’t see a difference in my game play between those values…

But if we have players with 150ms ping, lol, this happens:



This isn’t entirely true.

Solo queuing for escalation, it takes me about 10 - 15 minutes to find a match, and when I do the lobby is full of people who are clearly playing from outside of the US.

If I can manage to get one of my buddies to be a masochist and queue up with me, escalation matches come a lot faster ( 2 - 5 minutes) and most of the players in the lobby have relatively low pings.

At first I thought it was players turning cross play off, but we both play on PC.

I live in the US.

There can be multiple explanations from 1 fewer person to find with xplay on, to your buddy’s rank affecting avg rank and changing what other players the system considers, to just time of day and simple availability of people at that time.

I AM guessing at how it works behind the scenes, based on what TC has said, but your example doesn’t invalidate anything I’ve said…

Gears4 online service is in a terrible state. I would avoid ranked play altogether

Occam’s razor says that matchmaking is probably just broken, much like a lot of other things.

Almost impossible to get a match lately, and what do I find out in the dev stream ?

They ‘tweaked’ the matchmaking and sure enough, it’s now busted for me.