Ranked Connection and Ping

Why am I constantly getting 120 ms ping in ranked matches and playing with American/Canadians/Mexicans.

I always got sub 30 ping in GOW4 and it feels like they haven’t turned on the EU servers. I’m from the UK and when you check your ping to the servers in the settings both of the EU servers are sub 10 ms ping,

Something doesn’t add up… anyone got any ideas?


Something is off, that’s for sure. I noticed myself that often, I would play with a ping that is in the 80-100+ region(are there really that few EU players playing?). And it seems to be higher than average on servers in Gears 5 than in 4 if I’m on EU servers too. Did they change something about the ping indicator we don’t know about?

Yep can confirm that, I only get high ping lobby’s. This is what you get, when you pay for early access :smiley: thank you so much TC for releasing a game, worse than gears 4 and I mean common, gears 4 is trash af but gears 5 rn ?.

People teleport all over the place, you get kicked out from every game, laggy af, the gnasher is still trash like in gears 4. The killcam proofs that you don’t need to hit to kill someone etc etc.

honestly the kill cams really show how laggy it is, I’ve been getting gibbed while in cover smh

It’s like they have disabled EU servers to fix all those connection problems and such. Feels like there is only US servers available to play on. Customs matches works but still really bad compared to Gears4 servers wich I had like half the ping on EU now

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I suggest you reply to this topic because of the volume of the post, and hope some tc member can check it out.

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Same problem in the Netherlands! At ranked my ping is over 100 it’s so annoying, I quit playing ranked and playing social now wich servers are stable and have a ping below 30 as it should be! It should have been otherwise please fix this issue and big problem!!!

Thats will be probably solved and you will be matched in your closest server . For now they seem to be working in other issues and the game seems to priorice fast matchmaking.

In the future EU , South America serves (maybe also Australian) will lack enough playerbase to find matches quick, specially in specific modes. It always happen…

Still facing the issue only in ranked matches. This unacceptable

It’s driving me nuts… were paying for a service as customers in Europe. Just feel left out by ms/tc, we don’t even get a look in for competitions … all us based

Something else is the poor sound on campaign which still hasn’t been addressed. It’s been weeks since launch…

Driving me insane. The amount of times I’ve shot someone point blank, just to have them fire at me afterwards, yet I’m the one who dies. Kill cam even show them firing way behind me at times. Not acceptable!!