Ranked challenge question

If they already announced more information, then disregard my post but I’m wondering from their verbiage if season 5 challenge will be for ranked and not include social kills this time. (remember the ruby was for social and ranked but a bug made it only ranked for a while until they reverted it to include social again)

I think many of us at that time realized we wanted a ranked only reward.

Here’s what they wrote:
‘With our Season 5 challenge arriving in early November, it’s almost time for us to reveal all. Next week, we’ll be unveiling the Season 5 Ranked Challenge (aka this Season’s Ruby Scion challenge) and giving you your first look at the reward for completing it right here in What’s Up’

The wording is curious.

Not sure, but we’ll find out Thursday. I’d guess that they just messed up wording and social is still included

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That’s what I would assume as well.