Ranked Capture the Flag dead?

I want to try this game mode but I’ve spent over 80 minutes searching right now. Is there a particular time that people play this? I see the top players on seasonal have around 400k points which is pretty low so I’m guessing it’s not very active.

About half the ranked modes in Gears 5 are dead. Capture the Flag is no exception.

2V2 Gnashers, FFA, Control, TDM. Everything else is a crapshoot. Maybe there is a specific time period where you might get a match, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Unfortunately but also fortunately this games fanbase has moved to greener pastures.

I wish you luck in finding lobbies in 5 but I would imagine that CTF is hard to find lobbies for.

Searches in Custom Lobby, also in Quickplay CTF is never. CTF is good variety but not as good as FFA, Conrol, KotH, DTM. Please also in Gears 6.