Ranked Bug? No score from matches?

My friend and I are playing ranked and I’m getting score and ranking up and he’s not? We’ve played about 5 matches and he’s not gained anything. At the end of the games it keeps saying “gathering results” with a loading symbol. When he tries to host the match we can’t even find a game. This hasn’t ever been an issuer prior to today.

Last I saw it was a visual bug

Scores are actually registering if I’m not mistaken

Yeah we’re hoping eventually the scores will count but we’ve been checking after every game and no change in rank or score.

Has happened to me

Might want to give it some hours so he can see a difference in the leaderboards

Edit: Tell him not to freak out if he’s lower as others near him could also be playing and pass him

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The same thing is happening to me I have 4 games today 3 in MVP and the points do not count

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My games aren’t registering and my friends are, we’re duo queuing lmao. I’m actually getting robbed.

I did Ephyra on Master Horde Frenzy at around the time of the OP’s post.

It was my final map to master.

The game hasn’t even registered that I completed the map, let alone that I get my lovely Master tick.


Same thing is happening to me too! I went from 83 in ranked team death match to 87 and I keep dropping fast. Why the hell is this game still so broken? All of the money they have made and they still can’t give us a better experience. We talk about CDPR so much that we forget about other companies with broken games!

I haven’t gotten any point for the matches I played earlier