Ranked blocks for new players

There needs to be a block for ranked where you have to prove that you are able to play the game functionally before it allows you to play it. Either a certain number of matches in social with a certain amount of points or something. The teammates I am getting in ranked koth aren’t even able to move and shoot at the same time. Unbelievably frustrating losing games when you have more kills than entire team combined and they aren’t even goi my near the objective.

I’m pretty sure this is already in place…


I think there’s a level gate on new players/accounts. lv 10, 20, or 30


I don’t think the one that’s currently in play is working too great but good to hear they have something at least!

I think it’s level 30 but can’t swear to that.

There is a minimum level though to enter ranked.

Everyone enters rank play at low levels though, so at the beginning of a tour you may experience both horrid and tremendous gameplay during any given match.

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i can confirm it’s lvl 30 for new account unless you are in a party.


the game glitched out for me on Thursday and I was actually able to hop into this mode.

all single digit players and then me a re-up 30.

EDIT: looks like a new bug, reddit post

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Awwww did you rage quit too much on your main, Swagg?

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Nah you just dodge me everytime you see me so I just made a secret alt account.


Did you demolish everyone ?

no, I watched a few people bot walk around with the Lancer and left.

It would have been kind of funny if you just went in and started destroying everyone.

Then after the match send a chatbox message to everyone, " beginners luck"

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No, we have a matchmaking system inplace which matches and teams up players of corresponding/appropriate skill together, so this is clearly not possible…

Right ?


This is pretty much every ranked game for me it’s getting pretty frustrating lol


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That’s pretty good :joy: I actually didn’t even notice that I only needed 1 more!

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So close, and yet so far.

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This my friend, is how it’s done.

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Jesus that’s an insane match man and damn you got the 10 haha :joy: Ive gotta step it up next game!

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All that matters

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