Ranked ban Removal

It’s very easy to rage mash the controller and before you know it you’ve quit. I’d say a person would think twice when they’ve gotta completely dashboard.

I remember you having awful teammates but you shouldn’t have quit.

You coward.

Nah don’t quit. Just play quickplay. Only issue i have is when the game craps out and and sends me to the menu and I get a ban

I rarely quit lad. But it beats me sitting in the spawn because i cant play with a useless team. Im not a pro but when you 1 kill over 3 rounds of TDM. ■■■■ outta here please

Bro just take the L with your team lmao


I get that. If we lose but its a good overall game for everyone we just got outplayed i take it. But when the teamates are literal bots it drives me nuts. Seeing ppl in diamond get 1 kill over 3. Rounds is just ■■■■■■ and it drives me crazy

I get where you’re coming from but also players have off games and in this game, players who were Onyx in GoW4 are diamond.

I’m masters yet I’m expected to go for 70+kills, 40 downs, 30 assists, 15 revives, headshot on bullet in snipe yet I can’t always do that. Same goes for Grand Master players

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Some of us are still teens or kids living with their parents that tell them they need to get off or their grounded so I’m all in for removing it

I have a feeling that the ones requesting canceling the quit ban would be the first to complain about teammates quitting.

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Okay I get doodoo team mates too, but I don’t quit. Wanna know why? Because I know I can’t do anything, so I can at least mitigate the amount of gp I lose.

Because they bloody are

The pros


Nobody cares about them

Pros as in solid players. You right them esports teams are a joke.

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Lol people really sitting here and telling you stay in the game to be fodder. I don’t condone quitting but if you really are put with garbage teammates I understand quitting to save 20 minutes.

You do realize you that if the quit ban is removed you will become fodder in other games where your teammates quit undeterred now from removal of said ban?

That doesn’t make sense. I’m a good teammate so why would they quit and if I’m playing trash and letting my teammate down can’t blame them.

Without penalty, people quit for all kinds of reasons, that is why there even is a penalty.
Same as anything in life.

I’m not against the penalty I’m all for it. It’s a good deterrent. It’s just hilarious that people are acting almighty telling op that what he gets for playing solo in terrible match making.