Ranked ban Removal

Can yall plz take away the ban for quitting ranked lol. It says leaving creates a negative experience for players. Ya well so does a lobby of numptys :joy: i dont quit often. But once and a while its gotta be done.

Rant almost over. I hate randoms. Ok im done

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Lol the fact that you think anyone here supports quitting in any capacity. DONT QUIT. Dont receive ban. It is never neccessary to quit, I promise you the pros never do.

Also on a little side note, all people are randoms till you make them friends, ain’t no point of hating them right away. We all have off days.


As someone who has a history if complaining about “randomer”, I have to agree. The term “randomer” has become a sort of pejorative and meaningless negative word. A bit like a slur.

In the most literal terms, every randomer that we’ve come across, will have perceived us as being a randomer too purely because we don’t know them, or are not friends with them, or they joined our lobby (or the other way around) which was open to the public.

It’s a bit like the term “noob” which is supposed to mean “newbie” - as in someone new to the game. But over the years has become a slur meaning “someone who is bad at the game”.

Anyway, that’s me done with words and definitions… :grin:


If you’ve quit just suck it up mate, your doing.

I ain’t no angel I’ve rage quit in the past I’ll be honest but I don’t go and moan about being banned


This is what happens whenever you go solo and if you don’t like it then either get a squad together or don’t play.


You ain’t a random or noob to me :kissing_heart: love your words and definitions :joy:

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That’s where I go play another game until the ban is done lol. Or just do another activity entirely. I could care less about a temp ban for quitting, would rather eat a ban than play with high ping shitters where I’m not enjoying myself

Then ur one of the many reasons why ranked matches in gears 5 are so bad, sure the teammates could be bad or their having one of them matches when shots dont kill and they get no help from other teammates.

Theres many factors as to why ranked sucks so bad from bad matchmaking to players running past power weapons just to get to a ring, having the +/- 2 tiers is also wrong.

Last night playing king i had teammates fighting me to get power weapons when im already standing on it waiting and the donkeyes would come over and try/fail to get them and start shooting me. The same two players had the same kills as me added together, they would also sit back and wait till me or my friend would try n break the ring then would try n clean up on the easy kills but couldnt even do that. and yes we lost the match becase the randoms were poop…:joy:

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Sure it’s frustrating but welcome to life 101. Take an L with maturity and move on to the next game.


You just can’t take an L bub.

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Should be a harsher penalty for quitters

Honestly I like the baby jail penalty. Acts like a community service thing.

Once after they implemented it the servers kicked me and it counted as me “quitting”. I played a match of Guardian then hopped back into ranked. Much prefer that over a half hour ban.


These specific situations, I agree with the “punishment”

But frequent quitters should be matched with others who tend to quit as well

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That’d be nice if they implemented that. IIRC, SFV did that, didn’t they? Or was it DBFZ?

Didnt gears 4 have a no quit option?

I.e you had to literally turn your Xbox off to leave or dashboard.

That’s better to me cos there so much more temptation when a quit option is right there on the menu

Correct, ppl would dashboard

Think Gears 4 did it well, wasn’t as often as this game

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I mean. Two games of social, stomping the pubs… not a bad trade off.

You know again that is just a big leap from me but…don’t quit ? Might help.
And if you do, take your penalty and shut up.

Hey I support the right of anyone quitting anytime.
Only the winging about the fact that there is a penalty bugs me.