Ranked Ban...I'm ok with it

I don’t post here much anymore but when I do, it’s about quitters in ranked and the lack of ability to surrender. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WE CANNOT SURRENDER…but…I like the new implementation they’ve made. I quit a ranked game yesterday because I had a crappy connection and frankly was just salty. I know, I’m a hypocrite, fine. But this morning I was banned from ranked until incomplete two quick plays with a score of 500 or more.

And I’m totally ok with it. I earned it. But at least they’re finally doing something that may actually have a tangible impact on quitting.

Seriously though, we still need the option to surrender.


I think it would be a nice option, it would show that TC cares about our precious time spend in game… but they dont care.

You did not seen that ammount of grind they present with every feature they add (allies points, re-ups expierience requirements, achievements)?

Just let em cap if you surrender.

If you’re talking about king

That takes forever. If someone quits like four minutes into the first round, why do I have to be in that match for another 8-12 minutes to get pummeled in a 4v3? That’s a ridiculous premise and a miserable experience.

Sometimes you gain points even if you lose.

But it takes maybe 3 minutes if you don’t cap & give up from the round, assuming you don’t just quit round 1.

Maybe 5-6 min if you just quit one the beginning maybe faster if it’s a 3v4 & you quit on the 3v4 so it be 2v4 & no one stands a legs change of a 2v4. Most players are competent enough to take advantage.

You can still max out your points & gain though as opposed to losing a chunk of gp…

I’d be OK with it if it actually worked correctly. I’m pretty sure I haven’t quit a match since before Operation 4, and I’m absolutely certain I haven’t quit one in Op 5. I hadn’t even played Gears since a couple days before Thanksgiving. Then last night, I logged on to play some 2v2 with my brother, and I’m banned.

OK, probably just a case of the system not knowing the difference between quitting and a dropped connection. And I can play ranked again if I just play two QuickPlay matches, so no big deal… Except that I can’t get credit for my QuickPlay matches. I played several Arcade and KOTH matches last night, exceeding the minimum score of 500 points in each of them, and it still shows I’m banned and have completed 0 of 2 matches. Gave up and submitted a ticket last night… still banned this morning.

This is pretty frustrating. I’ve never been a hardcore Gears player, and honestly I’m not very good… but it was always fun. Lately though, it seems like they can’t roll out anything new without botching it. Medals that won’t track progress and don’t get fixed for weeks or months… requirements to complete a group of medals which involve a mode which is not even offered any more. (ranked Gridiron)… now this. Come on. If you can’t introduce something new without screwing it up, then stop fixing what ain’t broke.

[EDIT] I played a couple more KOTH a little while ago and did get credit for the second one this time.

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I don’t care about points and rank, that’s not the problem. I’m a father of two small children with a busy career, I get to play like four mathes per week these days. I don’t have time to sit through crappy matches and get my brains beat in because somebody quit. The problem revolves around poor user experience. Why do you people think wasting 5-6 minutes is ok?! Why would you rather have that than a surrender option!?

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