Ranked arcade deathmatch

Hey I got a Question COALITION? Why you guys try to put arcade RANKED PLEASE!!! Right now I’m in the Top 30 best player in arcade and wish to play ranked arcade please can be arcade death match.


That’s never going to happen tbh


Ranked… arcade…



Arcade (Fun)
Ranked (Serious)

Sounds like, serious fun, I’m in :thinking:


Yea I agree that would be cool. It would be very skill based, with stacks needing excellent communication to pull off their strategy.

For instance one member of the stack is skulling in Slavos to strategically lock down the center of the map, while another member is pulling longshots to cover for him, while two other members with claws move to control the center. The 5th member then pulls frags to start flushing out the opposition and force them into a fight where they get clawed and slavoed.

This is just one example, but illustrates the vast amount of skill and strategy a stack would need to compete in ranked arcade, both in execution of your strategy and countering the enemy.




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That be interesting.

Definitely bring out the sweaty players to come pay a visit.

Honestly don’t play arcade unless I need it for stars.

I do enjoy arcade though. It’s neat. But as you mentioned it’s not ranked & I’m a ranked warrior.

If it was ranked I’d play it more.

I want this. You have my vote.