Ranked and over all goal plus a few small things (long post.)

Okay, after playing competitive to get ranked in koth and some of arcade, I feel like this has to be said but fist I want to get the small things out of the way.

  • Kill cams cause a odd glitch where everyone looks like they are lagging also at times when skipping extra charterer models pop up.

-I like the fact that you can now tell apart friend from foe from the sound of their foot steps, helps with addressing battle situation and awards good awareness

  • Shotgun feels like it hit’s more often sometimes I at times my shots get sponged (like when someone rolls into me and I get 95% on a point blank, but there’s times where I see I clearly missed and can’t complain.

-I like and hate the fact active reload have been changed up a bit, to soon and it’s half the Mag, to late and it’s full but no power boost.

  • there’s times I get downed, and as I try to craw away from my killer the game pulls me to them, I can’t be the only one who had that happen to them

-At times when I win a game with a “never had a chance” ribbon and I lose points in fact I lost 13k points off a win like that, THAT IS INEXCUSABLE,

-Lancer feels weaker in this game, feels like it has less damage and less stopping power (doesn’t slow hostiles down as much.)

-I still have my squad spit up from time to time.

Okay so that about all I have for the quick picks, now onto the whole bringing Causal and competitive as one thing

The whole making encouraging newcomers to jump into the fiery gauntlet of competitive multiplayer by making causal have a mode that a hero shooter lite isn’t going to really help make people get into the whole competitive side of gears, not even at the E-sports level.

This is due to the fact that when your trying to get people who play at a causal mind set don’t care about the deeper game-play, they aren’t going to care or possibly even know about wall bouncing or throw the match by just wall bounce in the middle of a ranked match

Or disconnect everyone with a DDOS attack to force everyone out (they leave, rejoin the game, then everyone goes poof, it happens in a lot of game in fact i’m sure one of you have seen it, someone leaves, rejoins and the match lags before ending but that’s a whole new story).

So adding a new mode or making the game easier just means the older players will just have a easier time crushing newer players so adding a new mode isn’t going to change it much, it’s what happened to Street fighter V when it came out, they tried to make it easier for new players to quickly close the gap, but what it did was make the pro angry, didn’t really bring in that much in terms of new players, and a lot of the causal players left quickly.

I’m all for having new players join up in competitive matches, but making weapons weaker or adding a new mode doesn’t do much, what I think does happen is having more mode based around training them up from the basics to the more advance stuff, then do a mix of what rainbow six and gears 3 did, until you get to a higher level or have a history with the gears games, competitive is locked.

In fact I think the best way to get causal into competitive is make them train up for it but don’t have the training be boring or insultingly watered down, I think that will have casuals much more prepared to get into comp, but that’s just me.

I would have more to say but It’s like 10:37 am, I haven’t slept yet and I’m about to face plant into my desk. what do you guys think?

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