Ranked and gnashers in Gears 5

I really try to love Gears 5 for what it is. I know I’m not the only one that thinks this, but the gnashers are horrid.

I know all of us here can recount at least a couple times where you shoot from the same range and get chunked right? Or when you hit 90 something in an up A or point-blank. It’s annoying and I think some of you can agree.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no god tier player or anything but I know this is one of the most predominant issues we have.

Ranked. Oh man. Here we go.

First off, Ranked TDM, I hate it, I usually play with my friend in a two stack but I usually run into a full four stack who cued together. Just either take TDM out of the ranked pool and put Guardian back in or just make it a four stack game mode. Secondly, KOTH. I feel like KOTH should be a 4v4 which I think would make it a lot more tolerable. My third point is free for all, I absolutely love playing ranked free for all but as of now it’s gotten very difficult to enjoy. Often times I find myself in a lobby with pings over 150 across the board or getting killed from behind because I can’t hear footsteps. 2v2 and Gridiron I just don’t play tbh lol.

Like I said before the footsteps are horrible, especially for the COG side of things. I can hear a terminator coming from 3 miles but I can’t hear a cole coming at all. Or Raam. Or Female characters.

Also please raise the backs in this game, I wanna know when someone is vibing behind cover lol.

But hey, this is all just my personal opinion and some suggestions.


I agree TDM is bad.

You can squad up in social. Like wth.

All because people complained.

I complained about the lancer for king not tdm but they did what they did.

I want 5v5 back & squads. Or just replace the mode with guardian.

I think king is fine. But I respect your opinion.

Medical Professionals wouldn’t recommended you continue.


LMAOOOO for my own sake


Footsteps isn’t talked about enough. FFA makes the issue more noticeable. You’ll only hear about 3 footsteps before you get chunked from behind and only maybe 25% of the time will you be able to react to it.

Yeah and it sucks, you can never tell how close they are either, and tbh I think power weapons in free for all should go

I think so too a lot of times people get lucky with a cluster kill with nades but in all honesty I just want this game to be consistent. Halo fans tore 343 a new one for having garbage hit registration on Halo 3 pc I wish we could get TC to get it together as well