Ranked and gnashers again lol

Oh man, I usually play FFA for ranked since my friends usually aren’t on. Quite frankly it’s very fun and I love playing. However, in my personal opinion frags, boomshot, and retro lancer should not be in there. Frags and boomshot give people free wins and kills which they don’t deserve. Retro lancer is just broken and annoying. I think precision weapons should be in there since they actually do require some degree of skill to use.

I also might be the only one here, but I keep consistently hitting 99% in 1’s significantly more lately. It’s usually a one or two step distance from when I shoot as compared to the enemy and sometimes we are at the same distance. Idk maybe it’s just me but I keep hitting them. Prolly just an adjustment they made or something.

However the beta tuning is yikes. The movement is way too slow for me and it feels too sluggish. That’s also just my opinion though.

Through in through though I have enjoyed this operation very much as compared to the last one. I like the feel of the game more tbh.


95-99% is the new 86%. At some point in op 4, they tweaked the gnasher so almost chunks now round all the way up to 99.

And yea, i totally agree that boom, drop and frags have no place in FFA. Its just free and way too easy to get multis in that setting. Also snubs should be a starting weapon.


Yep,…I get 1 hit 98% at least 7-9 times per match in FFA. It’s pretty game breaking if you ask me