Ranked AFK can something be done about this?

I’m curious why do people search Ranked not play the first round, then start playing the second round when you’re already losing? This is to common for me. I get so annoyed that i just leave and search for another match or tell other team theirs guy not playing they come kill them. Funny thing is when type in chat most the time giving away theirs position they want to play all of sudden…

Some people probably go away because matchmaking is taking too long and by the time they come back the first round is over…

Other people could be on two accounts spoiling matches for the other team to pick up easy wins for their primary account.

Because people are selfish and don’t think of the players their playing with who might want to have a fun competitive match.

Also ■■■■ quitters, you know who you are.

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Actually I had a random just yelling in the mic how sucky the team was. He was dead last saying " I’m out of here you suck, I need help and nobody is helping me." Lol. Crazy after he quit his ranked showed like level 18 no re ups. Where do these people come from? Game pass? Just like your pic non re ups