Ranked achievements suck, and the community doesn’t help

Since TC fixed the ToD screen to read week 15 instead of week 16, I decided to get another ranked win for the Grind Season achievement, just in case, since I enjoy getting achievements in Gears games .

However, as I’ve lamented in a previous post, I am steadily ranking higher in Team Deathmatch when I shouldn’t be, because I am not that good at Versus… like, at all. But somehow, I am Gold 2.

Also, I recently hit max level in the game and have my shiny new wings on. This brings me to the match I just played.

My OWN TEAMMATES were talking crap about me before the game even started, saying I was such a high level but was probably ■■■ at the game and that I will probably makes them lose.

Match starts. I didn’t do TERRIBLE, but I didn’t do great either. So then, AFTER the match, again, my OWN TEAMMATES message me saying, “Lamb, you are literally dog-■■■■” and “Lamb, who did you buy your account from?”

I am literally just playing ranked for the achievement. I’m not trying to act like I’m a Versus god. And, to top it all off, I’m now ranked Gold 3! Which means I’m bound to be a let down to another team next week and get talked down to again in a mode that I don’t even want to play, all because of a stupidly long and glitchy ranked achievement…

/rant, and screw those guys…


Those guys’ messages were worthless.

First, congratulations on reaching reup 50 and Gold 3. :raised_hands:

Second, I understand your frustration and suggest that, if this becomes a recurring problem, block and report those players who send you toxic messages and consider changing your settings to “do not receive messages from people outside your friends list.”

Third, man I hit Onyx 3 in 2v2 by complete luck. So I know how you feel when you “let your partner(s) down” :sweat_smile:

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  1. Thanks!!
  2. Good idea!
  3. Glad to know I’m not alone in that feeling, haha! Maybe with TCs reworked ranking system on the way, I’ll be stuck in Bronze 2/3 where I belong, lol
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Also, why aren’t we celebrating this??? Aren’t you third in the world to reach reup 50?!

Yeah, I think I am. But in the words of Ricky Bobby, “if you ain’t first, you’re last!” :laughing:


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This is basically my experience everytime I play TDM. My team just quits and throws the matches. 10+ deaths no matter how many kills you have is not okay. I’ve resorted to only only playing KOTH because it’s not spawn based and it’s the only mode I’ve hit gold in. Any other mode is just a bad experience especially TDM and guardian.

It is still worthy of some recognition. It would be more if it was obtainable through reasonable means though, not excessive grind.

And this type of stuff is why I usually don’t play PvP or pay much attention to what people say if they’re not telling me that I could improve or am a good player but there is things that could be better, in a polite and constructive way.

Yeah man. It has nothing to do with your skill level. I’m Diamond and I still get trashed talked by teammates. There will always be haters. Just ignore them…or, take the low road like I do, and say things about their mothers

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It’s probably just the teammates you choose.

My mother isn’t that fat by the way. :woman_shrugging:

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^this. I need to stop squadding up with morons.

My personal favorite was “She’s too expensive for you”


choose your next words wisely my friend

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They hate you on Gears POP and they hate you on Gears 5. Don’t worry about them.

Back in the day many players hate me because I had max lvl, achievements and medals on Gears 2 and 3. I’m not a pro player on versus, but I can complete a insane horde solo on Gears 2 and 3. My levels were from playing horde almost all day, so when I played KotH or Guardian and we lost, I received a lot of hate messages and reports. It’s not my fault that my team were worse that the enemy, or that I had a lot of lag.

Now I don’t like to grind for the highest level since Gears 4. I tried but no thanks, I didn’t have fun so I’m not getting hate messages now because I’m at re up 17 and I’m playing mostly horde.

You know that haters gonna hate because they don’t have the time (and boost) to boost their levels (or they don’t like doing a repetitive task again and again).

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Just talk ■■■■ back or ignore. I mean the community has always been toxic. I agree with your idea but I don’t think you should take to heart what is said by these people.

I like to bait people like that and send them a poop emjoi usually they’ll say something back to deserve at least a comms bann

Bruh…if the shoe fits

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