Rank Up System update

So after the Rank up update I jumped von Prestige 23 up to 47. I’m asking myself if there was something wrong with the rank up in particular. Because I played Gears like ■■■■ always Master only trough every operation…

How can it be that some players have reached Prestige 50 within OP3. With half the playtime.
What are your thoughts?

And why they announced this xp weekend with 4x xp when it is only +300% boost required???

There was the Death from Beyond farming method in Horde, which granted an insane amount of xp that led to the first 2 re-up 50s.

Playing normally is not the fastest way to rank up. There are still farming methods to grant lots of xp quickly.

Edit - You do get 4 X XP as the initial xp is boosted by 300%. It always gets displayed like this.