Rank Up Eligibility Time And Progression

Does anyone know how long it takes for you to be promoted when you are eligible for it and also will I still gain percentage for winning toward my next rank while waiting to be promoted?

Thanks Guys!

If it says eligibility for promotion, you need to win further matches beyond that until you reach the next rank / tier.

The percentage doesnt count for your next rank.

But what i noticed every time i won matches after i hit eligible for promotion im at 33.33% progression of the next rank.

Hitting 100% isnt enough nor guarantees you will be promoted.

2 hours

Hey thanks man I appreciate it

I’ll just tell you what I do and it has never not worked for me.

When I hit 100% I stop playing that mode until it kicks over to the next rank. I know they say that sometimes you need to win more but that has never been the case for me. I just wait it out. Sometimes it’s just an hour or two and others I have to wait until the next day.

I have however tried to continue playing a mode I was at 100% of and lost a match that dropped me back to 98% and for the rest of that season I would only go down and never up despite winning a LOT of games. This could have all been coincidence but I no longer take that chance.

My advice is wait for it to roll over and if it takes more than 24 hours then try and play some more like others suggest.

Alright. Thanks for the advice!

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I wouldnt actually risk waiting when season rollover / change happens imo. I mean I seen posts here people didnt get their next rank skin because they hit 100%.

If season change is few days way I would simply try playing more games and try winning to get the next rank as guaranteered than waiting for it to switchover itself.